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I consider social media to be the gateway to our ultimate demise. Mentally, that is. If there is one thing that the world can agree on, it's their mutual love-hate relationship with the Internet. Everyone has had a bad experience with it. Whether it's you accidentally hitting "like" on an old post from someone's profile (...guilty!), or possibly facing a common problem of closing a social media app only to open it back up again mere seconds later because you're bored and think something exciting could pop up at anytime (...guilty, again!), then you my friend, might have an addiction.

I will, however, commend social media as well (score 1 for the Internet). It's a network of opportunities. You are able to share your work, business, and interact with people around the world. Celebrities have been able to create a platform to draw attention to important issues that the world faces everyday.

Then there's the bad stuff that comes along with all its glory. We have become mentally attached to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and etc. As humans, it's easy for us to develop a lower self-esteem and become more self-conscious of every little thing, that being, our appearance, jobs, lifestyle, and whatnot.

Last year, I was affected so badly by social media that I would sometimes have to take at least a week long break. Unfortunately, one week doesn't do anything. It wasn't until two months ago when I fully committed to distancing myself away from my phone (out of sight and out of mind). The days that followed were less occupied by my need to frivolously scroll down Instagram or send snaps. Now I am at a place where I feel mentally healthier because I'm not constantly downgrading myself or questioning what I'm doing with my life.

Although, I suggest everyone to take this approach to a social media cleanse, I can understand how difficult it might be. I'm not completely stepping away from it because it's a way for me to share my writing. I think we are privileged to be able to use this tool to our advantage, but we have to remember the disadvantages as well.

Overall, take care of your mind. Letting other people inadvertently control your thoughts is still considered manipulation. We have to think for ourselves and learn to form our own opinions.

Till then, practice self-care and self-love :)

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