To Whom It May Concern: Everyone

I'm not trying to preach here or anything, but if that's what you think then you must know I'm right.

I don't believe someone can ever reach their full potential without being open-minded and hard-working. We've been told not only in our childhood, but in our adult years as well that nothing will ever be handed to us. (Unless you're that spoiled-type of rich who really does just ask for whatever they want when knowing they'll get it). Any brown person, such as myself, will have some crazy story to share about how their parents came to America and under what circumstances they made it happen. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them shared about 97% of the same details. That other 3% would be whether they picked America, Canada, or the UK (aka the multiple choice of life). A lot of our parents were able to give us a better life because they saw it as a possibility.

Reaching our full potential means improving on our skill set, taking action, and educating ourselves. Over the course of life, we're trying to reach not only one goal, but so many of them. It's endless. If you come to a point in your life where you have no more goals, then make new ones. Brainstorm ideas. Venture out into new projects. Step out of your comfort zone and speak up. Don't let someone bring you down on having what they think are impossible dreams. Fuel the fire. Commit. Make it happen.

A pros and cons list can be helpful, but it's not meant for every decision-making. You should be ready to take risks. Whether it's big or small, the steps we take will always be instilled with fear; but once that step has been taken and you've reaped the benefits, then understand that you have overcome a fear. It continues an adrenaline rush and builds up your confidence.

And the most important thing that one should never do is give up. To give up mentally is to give up everything. It's OK to feel sad for a little bit. Vent. Then move on to what you can do next. Never rule out any possibility.

Everyone has potential, but sometimes it takes time to notice it. Find something you're good at, work on it, and show how you're the best at it. Never think you're not good enough, or that your lack of experience speaks for you. If no one gives you a chance, give yourself one. Once you've noticed that potential, someone else will too.

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